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Comprehensive Program

Bound4College™offers full-service college and post-secondary counseling programs for high school students. Our college counseling program consists of three main areas of focus: college preparation, college selection, and college admission. And for students who are unsure of their next steps following high school, we focus on creating a step-by-step postsecondary plan and assist with any applications to help define and achieve their goals.

College Preparation
Assistance with choosing high school curriculum, in school and extracurricular activities, summer programs, internships and SAT/ACT preparation.

College Selection
Generate numerous college lists based on student and parent assessments that prioritize colleges where students will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  Teach students how to effectively research colleges and provide materials to organize the research process.

College Admission
Guide students through every facet of the application process including essay writing and editing. Alleviate familial stress and promote student independence by completing all applications during counseling session instead of as ‘homework’.  We are committed to giving every student the time and attention needed to successfully complete the college application process.


10 hour Program

Created for high school students who need help with specific areas of the college application process, (i.e. college lists, essays, or applications) but are completing portions of the process on their own. Hours include all correspondence and research.

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A comprehensive package tailored to students of any age who want to transfer to a four year college or university. This package includes the College Selection and College Admission sections of our Comprehensive Program.

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  • Three hours of remote meetings.

  • Assist with the writing of two primary essays up to 650 words each, and six supplemental essays (including UC essays) up to 350 words.

  • Up to two edits of each essay.

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/Bound4College FULL SERVICE programs

College Selection Program

  • One hour hour initial meeting (in person or virtual) with family about expectations/recommendations for their student.

  • Two in person or virtual meetings with student.

  • Creation of an initial list of 10-15 colleges and universities

  • Teach students how to effectively research schools and provide tools for organizing research efforts

  • Up to five iterations of college list based on student’s research and feedback.

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/Bound4College FULL SERVICE programs

College Transition Coaching

College Transition Coaching (CTC) is a program designed for college freshman to help them cope with the academic and social challenges inherent in transitioning to this next phase of their lives.

CTC will consist of a scheduled series of weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly phone/Skype calls between me and your college student. In the same way that Bound4College™alleviated the stress and strain between you and your student by providing them with caring, expert coaching to accomplish the college application process, CTC will provide your student with an opportunity to work through their first year challenges with an objective, expert, compassionate consultant. My experience as a mother of three, a psychotherapist and a college counselor, has taught me that students either obsessively call home with every little concern or they don’t call at all leaving parents wondering where they are and how they’re doing.

College Transition Coaching will provide college freshman with some of the following tools:

  • Time management and other executive functioning skills

  • Deciding how many credits to take each semester

  • When to add and drop classes

  • Self-advocacy

  • How to know when to seek tutoring

  • Negotiating successful relationships with professors, administrators, teaching assistants, resident advisors

  • Making wise choices in the face of peer pressure

  • Finding the right social group

  • Whether to rush for a sorority/fraternity

  • What clubs to join and when to join them?

The primary goal of College Transition Coaching is to ensure that your student will successfully and appropriately acclimate to college life and not suffer from overwhelm, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and social isolation.

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