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Mission Statement


At Bound4College, LLC™ we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue their dream of achieving a post-secondary education.  

Although many of our students follow a traditional four year college plan, we specialize in working with unique students and embrace out-of-the-box learning styles. Many of our students have diagnosed learning differences, creative passions, athletic talent, or have experienced life events that require special attention.  

By sharing our expertise, experience, compassion, and accessibility with adolescents and their families we aim to empower our students to believe in themselves, recognize their capabilities, and realize their dreams.

We help high school student make one of the most important decisions of their lives by providing in-depth assessment and consultation services, by sharing our experience, compassion, accessibility and expertise with adolescents and their families.

My extensive background as a psychotherapist and specialization in working with children with learning disabilities make me uniquely qualified to market Bound4College™ as a full service college counseling company.

Our passion and mission is to help students get accepted into a college or university that will challenge and excite them.